Winter is here full collection

DOES NOT include *For the Throne*

Winter is here collection includes:
1. Winter is coming - a wintery, icy white ethereal multichrome that shifts pink/green/gold.
2. There's no cure... - a pastel sage green filled with pink/gold/green multichrome shimmer.
3. Lannister's regards - a blood red filled with fine particle unicorn pee.
4. Say it! - a fuschia/purple/gold/green multichrome filled with a sprinkling of scattered holo.
5. For the watch - a heather purple super holo.
​​6. The North remembers - a smoky blue filled with original unicorn pee pigment (OG UP).
7. Ice dragon - a charcoal to icy blue thermal filled with blue/green/purple shifting shimmer and blue/purple shifting flakies, and
8. The Great War is here - a grey holo base filled with purple/green shifting multichrome magentic pigment and purple/green shifting flakies.

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Weight 1.14kg