Bright purple to neon pink thermal

"Tell me who you are, I am spellbound, you cannot have this control on me. Everywhere I go, I am spellbound, I will break the spell you put on me".

Spellbound is a bright fuchsia-leaning purple (cold) to neon pink (warm) thermal reactive polish filled with ultraviolet shimmer, colour shifting iridescent flakies that pop in the cold colour and blue/purple flakies that appear in the warm colour. This polish is super reactive to warmth! If you're a bit chilly and usually don't see warm colours when wearing thermal polish, this is the one for you! You'll see the warm colour frequently even with fairly slight temperature changes.

Cool colour opaque in 2 coats - this polish may take an extra coat for the lighter neon pink warm colour to become opaque on the nail.

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Some thermal pigments may clump slightly post-manufacture, which will appear as small blobs on your nail as you paint them. Ensure you give your thermal polishes a good shake before use and if you do notice a small blob, just remove it and continue with your manicure. Leaving the blob will result in the lighter thermal colour showing through the dark colour.

**Please note that thermal polishes have an average transitioning life of 9 - 12 months and after this period may require exposure to more extreme temperatures to change colour and then may stop transitioning at all.  This is perfectly normal and your polish will still be perfectly safe to use. But we do recommend that you keep your thermal polish in a cool, dark place to help preserve it's shelf life!**


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