Son of a nutcracker!
Son of a nutcracker!
Son of a nutcracker!
Son of a nutcracker!
Son of a nutcracker!

Son of a nutcracker!

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Pink/purple/gold/green holo filled magnetic
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*Gets hit in the face with a snowball*
"Son of a nutcracker!"

This super beautiful magnetic has a silver/grey base, with pink/purple/gold/green magnetic effect, orange/pink colour shifting flakies and is filled with holo sparkles!  A gorgeous multichrome unmagnetised, or use one of our nail art magnets for a striking holo effect!  Rainbows everywhere when that watery winter sun hits it.

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Opaque in 3 coats.

​​​​​​​Using a strong nail art magnet, paint one nail at a time and immediately hold the magnet just above the nail for a minimum of 10 seconds.  Repeat for any further coats, working on one nail at a time.  After applying top coat, apply the magnet again to stop the magnetic effect dispersing.  ​​​​​​​



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Hannah from York -
I am in love with this. First time using a magnetic nail varnish and I'm hooked. The colour is gorgeous and there's so much dimension. I haven't quite got the technique down perfectly yet but I am looking forward to experimenting. The problem is, I now spend too much time just admiring my nails.
Steph from York -
This has to be one of my favourite prism polishes to date,(my collection is coming along nicely 🤣) looks amazing on it's own or over other colours to give it a bit more depth. The way it catches the light is incredible!!!
Naomi from Bournemouth -
LOVE this nail polish! I have had so many comments on it and I love how the light is always catching different colours in it.
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