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TOPPER - holographic topcoat

**PLEASE NOTE** ​​​​​​​this will have a white bottle lid, not black as pictured.

Do you want to holo all the things?!  Then this is the topper for you!  Do you have a favourite polish that you think could be made even better with some holo rainbows? Holo up all of your existing polishes to add a bit of bling and sparkle and take your nails from work to night out.

Pictured is one coat over Vacuity black creme.

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Soooo sparkly Verified Purchase

It takes self-restraint not to put this over absolutely everything. And when you do use it, you'll be staring at your hands all day lol it's the best!

SD | Notts | April 2024

Soooo Sparkly

I can't tell you how much I love this holographic topper. It's really high quality, super sparkly and lasts well. I've used it over a black and purple and it looked great over them both. Looking forward to wearing this over lots of other colours.

Jenni BROWN | North Yorkshire | June 2022

This is a great Holo topcoat to add over plain cremes, especially dark colours. Long wearing too!

Caroline | Oxford | July 2020

Holo amazing

So happy with this purchase. I found this seller through etsy. I am now addicted and can't wait till payday to buy more. The polish is amazing under light with simmers and rainbows!!

I have tried it over coloured polish, over a French tip and on naked nail, it wears so well. Two weeks in to this coat and still going strong in areas.

Can't wait to buy the unicorn mermaid flakeys

Highly recommend

Becky | Birmingham | July 2020

Sparkly ✨

I have only used this over black but it adds another dimension to plain polish. It's like a rainbow of sparkly glitter but smooth and glossy. Very hard wearing, best viewed in sunlight, you will find yourself wasting hours staring at the shimmer!

Jo | Devon | June 2020

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