Green/blue jelly filled with sparkly shimmer and iridescent flakes

Named for the freely floating flora that drift with the ocean currents, Phytoplankton is a deep green/blue jelly filled with blue/green shifting super sparkly UP* sister pigment and a healthy dose of colour shifting iridescent flakies. Made as a sheer jelly polish to allow the sparkles to shine through and build beautiful depth, this polish will take 3 coats to become opaque or would benefit from a base polish if you only want to use 1 coat.

Please note that dark blue/green polishes can stain nails, so please use a base coat or a neutral colour underneath this polish to avoid any staining. 

Opaque in 3 coats
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​​​​​​​*Unicorn pee is so named as it is a rare and discontinued pigment with a red/green/gold shifting sparkly shimmer.  It was originally used in a very special polish, Clarins 230 and this pigment is referred to as 'OG UP' (original unicorn pee).   This pigment hasn't been manufactured in many years and is very difficult to find.  The sibling pigments made by the same manufacturer at the same time with different colour shifts, are also becoming increasingly hard to find and more desirable.  ​​​​​​​


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Andrea Wolf from Ireland -

Must have

This is one of the best colors I've ever got from an indie brand. It's such a good quality and has so much depth to it with the flakes in it. The shade of green is perfect. Highly recommend!

Saffron from Surrey -

The perfect birthday present!

Bought this for a friend and it's packed full of even more glitter than I thought it'd be. It arrived very quickly and I know she'll absolutely love it.

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