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  • Jilted Generation

    Jilted Generation

    Blue / pink / lilac tri-colour thermal filled with green shimmer and holo sparkles
  • Molotov beats

    Molotov beats

    A blurple creme filled with sparkly OGUP sibling pigment
  • No good

    No good

    Bright fuchsia pink with strong purple shimmer and scattered holo
  • Omen


    Bright violet with strong blue shimmer and delicate holo sparkles
  • Poison


    Emerald green metallic effect sparkly multichrome
  • Spitfire


    A fiery red/orange/gold multi chrome with flashes of green and gold holo sparkles
Every polish in this section will be discontinued after 1st October, but don't leave it too late to buy - if they are out of stock they won't be replaced.