Charity Polish

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My passion for working with charitable organisations in my professional career has inspired me to continue to support those charities close to my heart with Prism Polish UK.

For every 11ml bottle of charity polish sold (above) we will make a £1.00 donation, and for every dinky bottle we will donate 50p to the charity that has been chosen for that particular polish.

Throughout November sales of Samhain will benefit Red Cross Israel and occupied Palestinian territory appeal. Thousands have died and many more are wounded; Red Cross are working round the clock to treat casualties, provide ambulances and lifesaving first aid to all those who need it. In Gaza, people are desperately waiting for aid as water supplies dwindle and power runs out. Most hospitals in Gaza are no longer functioning properly. Medical teams have been working non-stop under horrific conditions, not knowing if their families are alive. Red Cross are on the ground right now in Israel and Gaza where people are in desperate need of their help

If you would like to support them directly then please click here to donate​​ or contact us to add to our donations directly.

We are in no way officially affiliated with our chosen charity, we will be donating once per month with an online donation and posting proof of our donation onto our social media outlets.

I would love to hear from you; if you work with a charity, or have one that is particularly close to your heart please do 
let me know so that I can consider them for one of my charitable polishes.