About ​​​​​​​Us

Prism Polish UK is an independent UK Indie brand created with a passion for the unusual, individual and beautiful.  Our collections are based on natural inspiration and a love of colour, taking pride in each and every hand created and poured bottle.   Our colours are hand blended in small batches, and we aim for easy to wear, unique & beautiful, long-lasting polish.  

The idea for Prism Polish UK began as a US indie polish obsession; handmade beautiful, unique polishes that last and last…what’s not to love?!  Well, the high shipping costs to the UK along with the falling value of the Pound has unfortunately meant that these polishes are just a little out of reach for some (myself included).  I thought “there must be another way!”  So I did a lot of research, testing and creating - et voila! Prism Polish UK is the result.  

Prism Polish UK is the creation of self-confessed geek, lover of rock and metal music and Sci-Fi nerd, Suzie Stratton.  The eagle-eyed among you may notice a nod to my favourite bands, songs TV programs and films in the polish names!  

Being a total make up and nail polish junkie I just want to make polishes that I love to wear and share them with you in the hope that you will love them too.  Every polish is made in the heart of the Hampshire countryside with love and care with help from long-suffering husband, Jason and always overseen by Supervising Spaniel Tilly.  

Prism Polish UK is proud to be 10 toxin free, vegan-friendly and cruelty free with no products or ingredients deriving from, or ever tested on animals, we are also approved by PETA as part of their Beauty without bunnies program.  For more product information, please click here.  We also try to think about the environment, we made the decision in 2018 to stop making polish that contains glitter (sorry all you glitter polish lovers out there!), we felt that our oceans are clogged enough with micro-plastics and did not feel right by contributing to that problem further.   

How we work

We generally release a new collection once per month, this will usually be on the 1st, keep an eye on our social media before for sneak peaks of what's coming up and exactly when a new collection is available to buy.  This collection will stay in stock for 4 months before being retired.  This way we keep you in a constant supply of new pretties!
Each month one of our new realises will be sold in aid of a charity, and a proportion of our profits will be designated to that months specified charity.  For more info on this please visit our Charity Polish page.
We also have a basic range of cremes, our core line cremes will always be available, along with out base coat and top coats.